About Us
Hi? My name is Max.
I am the founder of the #Maxgoodz brand and I work with my wife Liana. We make Sketchbooks and accessories for artists in a minimalist style with only high-quality European materials!

We make our sketchbooks in different formats from A7 to A4.
Each sketchbook is stitch-bound to open 180 degrees, giving twice the area for drawing and they are also available in hardcover.

Our wide range of sketchbooks are perfect for artists of different fields (sketch, graphic, watercolor, gouache, markers, pastel, liners, pencils) and for people loving stylish and high-quality notebooks to record their ideas.

We collaborate directly with artists to make joint products that meet their specific needs. We also work very closely with major bloggers and influencers in the creative field and independently promote our sketchbooks in social media.

We organized two large events for artists in Moscow named "Sketchfest".
We are still the main sponsors of this event, which is held 2-3 times a year
and regularly participate in other large events to increase our brand recognition.

In 2018 we participated, for the first time, at the world exhibition for art supplies and stationary called, "Creativeworld". The exhibition is held annually in Frankfurt, Germany.
During the exhibition we identified a need for our product in foreign markets.

We work with large networks such as: Republic, Red Pencil, Peredvizhnik, Art Quarter, Leonardo and non-networked creative and book shops. Each month we fulfill regularly scheduled, large deliveries to them. We have our own production facility and we are fully involved in the process. We carefully monitor the quality of each detail of the sketchbook.

Glad to see you in our store! I wish you a pleasant shopping!
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Individual Entrepreneur Pominenko Maxim Fedorovich, OGRNIP 310547628700262, TIN 540590007083, Moscow, Russia.